Monday, November 26, 2012

me, myself and i #12

Well hay guys.
I guess this is my first english me, myself and I. Me, myself and I is a weekly update about me myself and I.
Just things that are happening in my life and things I really need and want to share with you guys.

Right now I am sitting behind the computer and I am writing for my blog.
But actually I really should be in bed. I am sick . I have laryngitis and ofcourse i have some fever too.
So it all go's a little bit slower then it used to be. But I am drinking a lot of tea so I can go to school monday!

As you guys know I am having a no buy. It's actually going really well. I don't get money with me to school. So I can't buy food or make-up because I am going to school in the city and the MAC prostore is right behind my school, so it's a little bit dangerous! But for now I am doing really wel!

I want to tell you guys about my diet. It was working really well until my mom buyed a lot of chips, cookies and candy. I really crashed and I added a few pounds :(. Actually 2 . So that's a lot for me and i want to lose 8 before christmas. Even though i know that , that's not gonna happen. But I will do my very best for an other couple of pounds.

So right now you guys know a little bit more over my little plans and about my life !
I hope you enjoyed reading it, I had some fun with writing !

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