Sunday, December 23, 2012

Me, myself and i #13

Hay guys !
Well long time no see,
But as I said, I am doing my very best to change that!
I had like busy days at school.
Right now I have vacantion, that will be 2 weeks. So that's a long time.
So tomorrow it's christmas evening . And I really gonna enjoy christmas evening and ofcourse christmas.
For now I wish you all a very merry chrismas, and i really hope you guys gonna enjoy this as much as I am gonna do. I am celebrating christmas evening with my boyfriend and his family.
But christmas him self, I celebrate with my boyfriend and my family. So that will be a lot of fun.. :)
And I am really looking forward to it.

For the days between christmas and new year's eve. I am really go on diet, and really hope that I am gonna fit in my outfit... Haha, because my outfits for christmas and new year's eve are just gorgeous.
But I am gonna do outfit of the days of that ofcourse. Also I am not gonna wear the typical christmas nailpolish, just a really bright color. But you gonna see all in the outfits of the day.

Yay, ofcourse I am going to school to be a hairstyliste. And this is really the most busy time of the year!
I have like a bunch of persons that coming over to my house so I can do their hair.
I really like that, so my bed and bath room is a complete mess right now. Because tomorrow in the morning is there a girl called Liesa, and I did her sister's hair in a blonde dip dye, and she really liked it.
So tomorrow in the morning 9.30 AM she is coming over for a RED dip dye!
I am so exciting over that ! If she wants I can take a couple photo's of the before and after... :)

So this is my first update in a while so I really hope you enjoy reading it !
And I am so glad I am back again ! <3

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