Sunday, November 18, 2012

What i use under the shower #1

Hay guys!
This is my first blogpost ever that i am gonna post. That is completely english.
So it's a little bit stressful for me. And mabye a little for you guys too.
But i hope i do it al little bit good all that english stuff. But if you read something that's not right. Please leave a comment underneath this blogpost.

My today's blogpost calls what i use under the shower #1 it's gonna be like an update.
So it's not what is standing in my shower because i life with my parents and my brother in one house.
Otherwise is just a little bit confusing for my parents and my brother. So i every time take my stuff a get i with me under the shower.

 This are the product's i have used this product's a lot in the shower.
 My favorite shampoo and conditioner are still the mythic oil ones! I just really like them.
 The kneipp patchoulli showergel is like a favorite too. It's like a fresh and flowery scent. And i like to use this one in the morning. I love to wake up with this sort of smells.
 Yay! My favorite footscrub is definitely Stepping stone of Lush. I just a nice scrub that's not to harsh for my feets.
 Sweetie pie is a shower jelly of lush. That scent is like so sweet as candy i used to eat when i was a little child. It bring's like a lot of memories up too me .
And last but not least is my hairmask. I just really like this hairmask. And i even like it more then the mythic oil one. And that's kind of a wonder.

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